Expanded Bestiary: Boars, Catfish, and Primates

Hanen, kippen, kuikens en een wild zwjin - anonymous

Hey! Get outta here, chickens!

Back with more tables I use in my games to flesh out the next batch of animals1 that are sadly missing detailed descriptions. Let's dive right in!

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d6 Trait
1 Fur that bristles like porcupine quills.
2 Coarse, mud-caked fur.
3 Tusk broken and jagged.
4 Mangy fur with visible parasites.
5 Fur streaked with patches of dried blood.
6 Long whip-like tail that flicks constantly.


d4 Encounter
1 Snarling at a scarecrow (DMB p72) with a sewn-shut mouth, gesturing wildly as if trying to communicate
2 Feasting eagerly on Fairy Fruits on a laid-out picnic blanket. An elf wanderer (DMB p39) is taking a nap next to a tree, seemingly unaware of their ruined meal.
3 Leading a lost noblewoman (everyday mortal—DMB p110) through the forest back to civilization. She claims one of the boars is her long-lost fiancé who was transformed into a boar by an evil witch.
4 Crashing through the underbrush, pursued by a pack of 2d4 fairy hounds (stats as wolves—DMB p119), led by an elf knight (DMB p38).

Catfish, Giant


d6 Trait
1 Horns resembling twisted, underwater corals.
2 Mouth lined with rows of needle-sharp teeth, always slightly open.
3 Multiple eyes of varying sizes scattered randomly around the head.
4 Large, jagged fin on the back.
5 A harpoon is jutting from its back.
6 Whiskers end in sharp, stinger-like points.


d4 Encounter
1 Pursuing a lone woodgrue (DMB p94) who is frantically paddling away in a small boat.
2 Stalking 1d6 shorthorns (DMB p23) who are attempting to swim across a river. The catfish, sensing easy prey, swims stealthily beneath them.
3 Darting through the surface waters creating waves and splashes. 1d4 merfauns (DMB p58) are catching a ride on its back, seemingly having a good time.
4 Resting motionless near the banks of a river, seemingly dead. Waiting to pounce on the unlucky soul who dares to step too close and drag it into the water.

Gelatinous Ape


d6 Trait
1 Makes gentle, cooing sounds.
2 Eyes sparkle like tiny stars.
3 Reacts to sunlight by shimmering brightly.
4 Leaves faint, jelly-like footprints.
5 Mimics sounds they hear.
6 Can slightly alter their shape to blend into their surroundings.


d4 Encounter
1 Observing a group of 1d8 shorthorns (DMB p23) setting traps, quietly dismantling them when the breggles aren't looking.
2 Playing hide-and-seek with a group of 1d4 woodgrues (DMB p94), their laughter echoing through the woods.
3 Helping a lost child (everyday mortal—DMB p110) find their way, offering comfort with gentle, melodic murmurs.
4 Playfully swinging from the trees, tossing branches and leaves in the air.



d6 Trait
1 Makes soft purring sounds when content.
2 Smile that reveals tiny, sharp teeth.
3 Carries their favorite stick everywhere.
4 Fondness for shiny objects.
5 Head tilt when listening intently.
6 Eyes that reflect light like a cat's.


d4 Encounter
1 Clinging to the bark of a massive tree, perfectly still, as a cockatrice (DMB p27) passes below.
2 Swinging lazily in hammocks made of woven vines and leaves, softly snoring.
3 Napping in the crook of a large branch, cuddled together in a fluffy, purple pile.
4 Dozing inside a hollow log suspended between two trees, the entrance covered with leaves for privacy.


d4 Encounter
1 Sneaking into a campsite of 1d4 knights (DMB p106) to rummage through supplies, making soft babbling sounds. The knights are sleeping soundly.
2 Scurrying up a tree to avoid a passing witch owl (DMB p92), their eyes shining brightly in the dark.
3 Playing a game of catch with a bottled light (DMB p414) that changes colors with every toss. They stole it from a friar (DMB p106) who is in the middle trying to catch it and get it back.
4 Sitting around a tree stump filled with foraged grubs. The Gobbles pretend to have a fancy dinner party, carefully eating one grub at a time in a well-mannered way while they all babble politely.

  1. Animals—DMB p113-114

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