Dolmenwood Factions: The Cold Prince


An old, likely description of the Cold Prince, maybe?

Back with more Dolmenwood factions! This time, I take a closer look at the powerful yet banished Cold Prince and his fearsome frost elves. How can this seemingly limited faction snowball into one of the biggest game changers in this world? Let's find out!

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This faction has straightforward goals, fitting for the Cold Prince, who is very absorbed in regaining his domain in the mortal world1.


The Cold Prince has powerful resources but faces the challenge of bringing them to Dolmenwood.


This faction has a slow start due to its lack of footholds in Dolmenwood3. My campaign began with the Winter's Daughter module, where players traveled to Frigia4, meeting Lady Snowfall-at-Dusk and attracting the interest of other Frost Elf Courtiers at her tower. This likely caught the Cold Prince's interest, before I introduced Faction Turns to the campaign.


You should only have about three active actions, so pick and choose what sounds interesting. You can either pick the Mission 📔 or the Task 📝 to be active. You also need to add a progress clock to each action you choose. Tasks should have 1-2 segments, and Missions should have at least 4 or more.

See this previous post for a more detailed explanation.

Other potential missions include recruiting a Breggle Lord by promising control of the High Wold, sharing common enemies like the Drune for a temporary or permanent alliance.

Once enough passages to Dolmenwood are secured and alliances forged, the primary goals include gathering information about the Ring of Chell, questioning Drune, and starting missions to topple the Summerstones. At this point, the presence of the Frost Elves should cause chaos and panic among mortals2, leading to swift reactions from other factions.

As stated in the Goals, the consequences of the Summerstones falling are outlined in the Campaign Book6, providing inspiration for the next steps.

Potential Alliances

The Lady of Midnight is not the only possible Fairy alliance. The Cold Prince could also try to mend his relationship with his estranged half-brother Prince Mallowheart7 or former ally Queen Abyssinia8.

Among the Breggle Lords, either Lord Malbleat or Lord Ramius seem likely candidates. However, their Houses as a faction would need to be in poor standing for either of them to consider treating with the Frost Elves.


Faction Turn Example - The Cold Prince

The Cold Prince is off to a promising start in my campaign, making steady progress on all missions. The Prince is very interested in the rift that sent my players to Frigia, and it makes sense that in his single-mindedness all he is doing to investigate this potential source before it closes for good. Outside of Ygraine, who is working to impede possible alliances the Cold Prince could make with the Fairy Nobles, nobody is really paying any attention to the frost elves. But this will surely change once they make some noticeable moves in Dolmenwood!


The biggest advantage the Cold Prince has is that apart from the Drune and Ygraine, he is on nobody's radar. The Drune are heavily occupied on all fronts dealing with the Nag-Lord, the Church and Nobles, and the Breggles. Ygraine is powerful but not a huge force. Her best bet is to interrupt possible alliances with other Fairy Nobles or even try to turn them against the Frost Elves, but this is a slow process requiring many favors and goodwill from whimsical beings.

However, once the Frost Elves gain momentum, they will be a key factor in Dolmenwood, dedicated to achieving their ultimate goal with arguably the biggest impact on the world. I'd love to see it happen!

This concludes the deep dive into the faction of the Frost Elves. As always, if you have other ideas or implementations, feel free to share them! Next time, I take a look at the Drune!

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