Dolmenwood Factions: The Drune


A Drune on a stroll through Dolmenwood?

Today, we'll delve into the mysterious and powerful cabal of sorcerers known as the Drune. With a near-global presence and numerous enemies, the Drune are feared throughout Dolmenwood. Let's explore how they might gain the upper hand.

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The enigmatic Drune keep their goals secret, known only to their highest members1 (Elder Phanatarch, the Aegis, and perhaps some Audrunes).


The Drune have strong resources and need them to stand their ground against many possible threats.


The Drune are likely the busiest of all the factions. They have footholds throughout Dolmenwood5 and are disliked by many, meaning their activities can vary widely from table to table.


You should only have about three active actions, so pick and choose what sounds interesting. You can either pick the Mission 📔 or the Task 📝 to be active. You also need to add a progress clock to each action you choose. Tasks should have 1-2 segments, and Missions should have at least 4 or more.

See this previous post for a more detailed explanation.

Following up on these missions relies on the established world fiction. Successfully defending Tenkystone6 will lead to more conflict with the Nag-Lord, hindering its expansion plans. Investigating the fifth Nodal Stone will eventually bring the Drune into conflict with Ygraine. Unless she can prevent it or gain notable allies, it will likely lead to her demise. She is powerful but not powerful enough to take on the Drune alone. Capturing the power of the new ley line will significantly boost the Drune's influence and reach, involving the creation of new Nodal Stones and the appointment of new Audrunes.

For additional missions, you can counteract aggression from the Church and the Duke by having the Drune prepare, gather intel, and brace for conflict. Alternatively, you might consider removing the Bishop11 and installing someone like Nedwynne Hargle12, who is likely to treat with the Drune, ultimately restoring the Triple Compact13.

Recapturing Sargstone2 is likely to follow a successful defense of Tenkystone6 but will require much more power to defeat the Nag-Lord. However, the Bafflestone3, corrupted by the Nag-Lord's presence on ley line Lamm, could potentially be restored by the Drune without direct conflict. This would need investigation and preparation of powerful rituals, which might expose the Drune.

Potential Allies

The Drune are generally disliked. The most likely allies are the Witches. They already have a pact, but it doesn't involve much mutual help. Relations are still sore because of Aubrathon14, the renegade Drune who stole one of the Mirrors of Embala15. Mending these relations by helping and returning the Mirror to the Witches could start an alliance. However, the Drune might keep the mirror for themselves, and Grwith, the High Priestess of the South16, is actively working to destroy the cabal.

Restoring the Triple Compact13, an alliance between the Church and the Duchy, is possible but relies on many factors. The current Church leadership, specifically the Bishop11 and Sanctus Primus17, are obstacles. The Drune need an incentive to patch things up, such as a common enemy. The return of the frost elves or the Nag-Lord's increasing power could motivate a new pact.

Other unlikely but possible allies include temporarily teaming up with Lord Murkin if other Breggle Lords threaten the Drune. They could help eliminate Lord Ramius and Malbleat. The hag might also be open to collaboration for specific goals.

Furthermore, House Guillefer won't be an ally but both factions might come to a mutual understanding about who own the village of Odd.



In my campaign, the Drune are making steady progress towards conflict with both the Nag-Lord and Ygraine. Both factions are unprepared, so if the sorcerers don't suffer bad rolls, they will likely succeed in their efforts.

However, they are not focusing on the Breggle Lords or the Church and the Duchy, leaving them vulnerable to potential losses in the southern and eastern regions of Dolmenwood. This is the fate of a faction that is almost omnipresent and in conflict with virtually everyone.

They are also not focusing on the frost elves, giving them a crucial opportunity to establish a foothold in Dolmenwood.

Due to circumstances, the players were stranded on an island on Lake Longmere18 together with a Drune NPC and were saved by some Witches. As a consequence, the Drune NPC made a deal with them to look for one of the Mirrors of Embala15. This opens a possible path for a future alliance.


The Drune are one of my favorite factions in Dolmenwood, present everywhere and central to many secrets. They are powerful but fight on many fronts, making it difficult for them to achieve their goals.

Many factions are in direct conflict with the Drune, making it likely that they are forced to take on lots of reactionary missions during a campaign.

This covers another faction. I hope you got some ideas on how to utilize the Drune in your game. If you have other ideas or implementations, feel free to share them!

Next time, I'll be covering House Brackenwold!

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